Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ProvoCraft Gypsy

Well ladies, I am here to post a gripe! MY GYPSY DIED! I have had it for exactly two years and the screen will not come on. I called provo craft and they are known for the horrible customer service. They are living up to that! The only thing they could tell me was that I needed to replace it. So I'm thinking why would I replace it when in two years I may have to replace it again? If this is the only option, then Provo Craft is making a killing on selling items that cannot be repaired! What I need to know is what are my options? What other cutting machines can I use. I am seriously considering making all of my Cricut machines yard sale items! And, let me add that I did not use my Gypsy on a continuing basis. I was probably used a total of six months out of the two years that I've had it! I am a scrapbook instructor and I used to recommend the Cricut to all of my students. Now instead of recommendations I will be issuing warnings! Paying all of that money with no way to repair them is crazy and not a good investment by any means! So CRAFTERS BEWARE....IF YOU PURCHASE PROVOCRAFT/CRICUT MACHINES YOUR ONLY OPTION IS TO REPLACE THEM IF SOMETHING SHOULD GO WRONG! Sounds like money down the drain to me!

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