Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Scrappin'/Craftin' Space

Well, after the move, I think I've finally got my scrappin' space arranged the way I want it (for now)  It seems like I change something every other day.  It's amazing how much stuff you can fit into one room!  But, this is where I spend the majority of my "home" time.  As you can see, I have tried to make use of every shelf, drawer, bin, and wall space.

This first pic shows my tv, printer, paper stack over in the corner (which is actually two racks stacked), my cabinet full of goodies.  On he top shelf there is paper, the second shelf is stuff I mix up, flocking, stickles, and adhesives.  The next shelf is embossing powders, glitters, and adhesives. The next shelf is my sewing machine, slice machine, acrylic paints, and in the box is markers and pencils.
The bottom shelf has paper packs (imagine that!), large punches, and sprays (adhesive, shellac, hairspray, etc).

This next pic shows brads, brads, and more brads.  The last shelf has punches, alcohol inks and the bin holds my cricut pens and misc. items.  Under the shelves is my "covered" cricut expression, and little 4 drawer bin that holds various stamping items, and on the shelves under the cricut is where I keep my mats, various threads, beading, and punches.

This next pics shows my wall hanging storage compartments.  I got this at Home Depot and it was supposed to be for nails, screws, etc.  Instead, it holds embellishments, puffy paint, glitter, twine, chalks, metal frames, etc.  And, the wood shelf next to it holds all of my ink pads.  Under that is more paper (OMG!  how much paper do I need?  In the bottom of that area is misc. ribbons, materials, and books.  Next to that the boxes on top hold ribbons, and of course the other wall hanging is ribbons!  The container under my "covered" cricut create is ribbons!  Over in the corner is my notebooks with all of my clear stamps.  There is more than meets the eye!  In he drawers of the multi-colored storage bin there is paper (of course), adhesives, and embellishments.

This next pic shows my tool holder, and under that is misc. items.  (There sure are a lot of misc. items in this  In the plastic cabinet are large stamps and stamp around the page items.  Next is the cutest little storage cabinet that I got from LTD a long time ago.  I have tried to keep stuff in the drawers as they are listed on the cabinet.  There are some differences, I have jewelry making tools and misc items in there also.  Hanging above is my heat gun and glue guns.  In the jars are just misc. embellishments.  Over in the corner are some of my cricut cartridges.  These are the ones that would not fit in the jukeboxes that I am using for cartridge storage.  I don't hardly ever use cartridges any more since I have discovered svg and also my gypsy.  Let's not even discuss what's in that

This next pic shows my spice rack turned into punch holder, my inspiration shelf and board.  Just where I put things that I make that I want to keep and also things that my crafty friends give me.  The small shelf hanging on the wall holds perfect pearls and alcohol inks.

The final pic shows my cricut imagine, and my cutters.  I won't even say how many are actually on that  Th next shelf has my Your Story, embellishments, notebooks with various items (borders, instructions, pictures) and boxes of pictures that I am going to put into a scrapbook one day.

 Well, there you have it, my haven!


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